Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today is Wednesday. But. . .Not just any Wednesday. It is the Wednesday we call Friday. You know why we call it? You probably do, but I'll just tell you the obvious answer anyway. It's Fall Break!!! Man, it feels good to be starting with the school breaks. I've had the serious "I don't want to do any homework anymore or stay up until 10:30 doing that homework" fever. Seeing as I went to bed at 10 last night and 8:56 the night before, I decided to act upon my sickness.

What might I be doing for this lovely break, might you ask? Well, people, St. George is the answer!!

Anne of Green Gables of course is what is planned for tonight. Seeing as all we're doing is driving, it seem appropriate. :)

Hiking is the agenda tomorrow. I'm not the happiest camper inside about that, but I guess I'll live. I forgot my running shoes at school, anyway, so I need to intense exercise.

We're going to see Noises Off! in Ceder City at the Shakespeare festival. We'll also be eating. . . . At the Pastry Pub, which has some of the best shakes!

And we'll end the trip with watching the beloved Anne of Green Gables. :) Man I love that show.

Hope you have a good weekend as well. Au revior.

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