Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello Weekend; You Are Welcome.

Each week gets more and more and more stressful with less hours of sleep in between, I swear! Waking up at 4:45 three days in a row seriously isn't what I call a good time, but I survived, and the opportunity to sleep into 7 is within my reach. It just so happens I have reached out my hand and taken it. Let's just say 9:30 was a better match for my eyes. :)

The news of my week goes as follows:

I passed my Road test. That unloaded a lot of stress, thankfully! All I have left is my hours, which should be easy seeing as I can't get my license until December 16. . . I have it marked on my calender. :) At the bottom of my test paper, my instructor, Mr. Ingersoll (who is basically the easiest road teacher there is. I caught a very, very good brake this time), commented that I should "signal right when going right." I have absolutely no idea what he means. . . . I did signal. At least I think I did? I still passed nonetheless. :)

I got invited to a free trip to Washington D.C. that I so wanted to go on! My friend Chandler was going to come over last weekend to watch our favorite movie: Anne of Green Gables. But, unfortunately, our phones decided not to communicate for us, so neither of us could get a hold of each other. We had agreed to do it this weekend, and when I asked her on Thursday about it, she told me that she probably won't be able to because her mom wants to go to Washington D.C. Yeah, just like that. She could see the surprise on my face, so she explained. Apparently, her mom works for an airline company and so long story short, she can get free tickets. Cool, I know! And then Chandler turned to me and said, "I can bring friends. . . " And I of course replied the obvious, "Well, you should take me!"And surprisingly she said, "Oh, I'll talk to my mom!"The plan was that I was going to go with them, but then she told me that we would be missing a couple of days of school. You can guess what my mom told me. But then, I got a grand idea, if I took all my tests and quizzes (which were only two: chemistry and French) then I should probably be able to go. When I talked to Chandler in French about it, she said that we would probably be gone the entire week. Unfortunately I couldn't miss that much school, I didn't feel ready to take my chemistry test (which I HAVE to pass in order to get an A in the class by the end of the term), and I don't think my french teacher would have let me take the quiz. The good news to this kind of disappointing one is that one of these weekends Chandler are going to watch Anne of Green Gables finally, we will go to California just for fun, and during the summer, we're going to take a trip to D.C. Am I excited? You betcha! 

I'm currently ready The Scarlet Letter. The book really is painful to read. . . I can't get through one page without asking,"What?!!" But when I do understand it, it's beautiful, and I can't wait until I am done. Reading, understanding, and finishing hard books just might be the best feeling in the world. They also make the Book of Mormon really, really easy to read.

Thursday and Friday we have school off, thank goodness! The fam and I will be venturing off to St. George, our trusty vacation, for the weekend. We'll be seeing the play Noises Off!, the comedy from The Shakespeare Festival. It's hilarious and I can't wait to see it again.

I saw Mr. Mitchell in the halls a couple of times this week. . . I still haven't said a word to him in my life. I found out from his friend, who I am friends with, that he (as in Mitchell) thinks it's creepy I call him his nickname. . . I agreed. Full heartedly! I told Kolten that he needs to tell him (as in Mitchell again) that I am trying to change from my creepy 12 year old ways. I guess I'm just going to have to do that one myself, though, seeing as Kolten won't tell him, and I need to talk to him finally and break the ice. I think that's going in the goal book for the week.

My life surely isn't a high adventure. It's going well, though, and so that's an adventure in my book. :) Hope you had a great week, and will have an equally great weekend. Read a hard book, watch Anne of Green Gables, and sleep, it will definitely help your stress level go down. :)

P.S. Lauren showed me this poem:

I Hate Her And I Love Her
"I hate her and I love her. Don't ask me why. It's the way I feel, that's all, and it hurts."

Isn't it fantastic?! So straight forward? So blunt? My favorite thing about it is that he's talking about how he's in pain, but you know what? It's okay; that's the way it is. "Don't ask why; it's just the way I feel." Everyone should have that type of attitude to life; acknowledge that they're going to have pain and sorrows, and then get over it, move on, learn to love life more than the pain. It lasts longer that's for sure. :)


  1. I LOVE that poem! :) Lou must be taking Miss Shelley's class, then? You HAVE to take that when you're a senior. It's probably one of (if not the) best classes I took in high school.

  2. haha, you are correct! I will most definitely take it!!! :)