Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lesson Learned

That there, friends, is what I call my permit. 
Seeing as I was doing Road this week, I needed it with me. 
In my pocket. 
Well, being me, I forgot to take it out of my pocket. 
I thought about it a couple of times throughout the week, but the thought drifted out. 
Naturally, my mom washed those jeans. 
Paper and water, as you already know, don't mix. 
It makes the paper wet, and in the end, dissolve. 
As shown above. 
Lovely right? 
Yeah, if police officers accepted those kinds of permits. 
I'll just tell you, they don't! 
My mom wasn't happy when I freaked out. 
I was assured, though, that it doesn't cost anything to replace the permit? 
Hopefully that's true.
In any case, to save you the difficulty, don't put your driving permit in your pocket, which eventually ends up looking like the above picture. 

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