Tuesday, October 18, 2011

 For Young Women's, we went up to the KSL studio in Salt Lake. I had heard of other youth groups going up and touring it, and so I thought it would be fun. Apparently my mom did too, because she planned it all out! It turned out to be a complete success! I experienced many things, and I would be happy to share them all with you:

We started our tour with the news, obviously. We got to go to a room above the actual set is where they have a big window looking down. As we watched, our tour guide (who was super duper attractive! His name was Ryan, and he had really, really good jeans. My fantasy world was completely shattered when he mentioned his wife. . . . . approximately 6 times), explained how it worked on the appearance side of it all. He said that the girl anchor Nadine is only 5'3'' and the man anchor, who I don't know the name of, is 6'1'', but then he pointed out that they look the exact same height on the television. Apparently, and you're going to be watching for it now, they slanted the desk, so you don't see the torso of the guy. It makes Nadine look taller. And. . . I thought this was funny, Nadine sits on a little cushion that raises her up higher! I'm thinking I'm going to get one; it would make school a whole lot easier. (Don't even say anything about the driving, too. Already thought of it. :))

We then moved our tour to the radio stations. There's nothing really cool about it besides the fact that this was the radio, and the studios looked awesome! Someday, I'll be on the radio interviewing some cool famous person. That would be sweet!!

The set for Studio 5 was our last stop. It's a really cool set. Off to one side is the kitchen, and then off to the other side is the couches where they do their interviews. Next time you watch it, if you watch it?, look at the stove during their cooking segment. There's no knobs. :) We don't think they actually cook, which is such a scam! (That's opinion, don't repeat what I said. . . :))

Apparently, I don't listen very well. . . . My mom had asked our tour guide if he knew Jillian from The Biggest Loser. I was just over daydreaming about having my own cooking show, that I didn't hear. When I went over and entered the adults' conversation with Ryan, I picked up that they were talking about The Biggest Loser. He was talking to them about how he does the casting for the show and how his wife works as one of the off camera personal trainers. Cool, huh?! So, when there was a break in the conversation, I asked him if he knew Jillian. He looked at me funny, and then my mom said, "She's my daughter." I thought it was really strange. . . And then one of my leaders informed me that my mom had asked the same exact question in almost the same exact way. So, Ryan replied that he did know her, and that him and his wife go on dinner dates with her all the time. (This is also exceptionally cool!) Well, then I asked the obvious question: Is she really that mean in real life? Again, I got the same strange look from Mr. Tour Guide and the reply, "Your mom has already asked that." I guess my mother and I think alike. . . Anyway, the answer is no. So, if you were, don't be afraid of Jillian; she's cool! :)

Another thing: I'm going into journalism. I'm going to minor in psychology. And finally, I'm going to have my own Dr. Phil show. But it's going to be Dr. Sidney instead; roughly that, though. We'll come up with some coolio title later. So, look for me on T.V.! :)

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