Saturday, October 8, 2011

Forking out the Dough

 I asked someone to Preference on Wednesday. This certain someone is not just anybody, though. . . the story goes like this:

Wednesday after school, Tiffany Fraughton and I were sitting in the back of Dani's little tomato red car. She (Dani) was talking to Cherstin, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and Tiff and I were talking in the back. She had kindly included me into her Preference group, and so we were just discussing who I should ask. Tiff named off a few boys who would be eligible. But. . . I didn't want to ask them. One of the boys who was eligible was a boy by the name Mitchell. 

Let me tell you about the said Mitchell. He was one of my many crushes in 7th grade. Being a 12 year old girl, you can only imagine my obsession. I was super excited when I saw that he walked home the same way I did, and this is the origin of his nickname: Abie-baby. See, His real name is Abraham, but he goes by Mitchell. How I found out his real name is Abraham, I have no idea. Anyway, from 7th grade until now, I still call him Abie-baby. And, from 7th grade to now, I have never spoken a word to him in my life. 
This is why I didn't want to ask him to this dance. . . Worst of worst situations is if he actually knew that I called/call him this spunky little nickname, and that he knew I was a stupid obsessed girl.

Well, Tiffany kept telling me, "You should ask him, you should ask him!" So, finally I gave in and said fine. 
Moving forward about 10 minutes, me; Dani; and Tiffany were talking about when I should ask this boy. I thought I should do it sometimes in the next coming week. They disagreed. They thought I should do it that night. After saying no a couple of times and then thinking about it for a few seconds, I thought it was actually a pretty good idea. So, the event was set. 

This is how I asked him. At the bottom of the bowl is my name. Inside the bowl is cookie dough. And in the cookie dough is forks. 
Clever, huh?! I stole it from Lauren. . . . :)
In my defense, I thought I was being pretty clever in putting a lot of forks in the dough. . . This dance just might make me broke. 

Oh. . .. you don't get it? Okay. . .

Well, when I went to deliver it, I had about a gallon of adrenaline rushing through my veins. And as we were driving back around to see if he got our little package, the song Blow by Ke$hia came onto the radio. That's about what I felt like inside. . . :) 

And then, about an hour after all of this was done, I found out just a comical little fact. Tiffany had talked to Kolten, her brother who is very good friends with this Mitchell boy. You know what Kolten said? He said that Mitchell knew that I was obsessed with him once upon a time, and he knew that I called him and still do call him Abey-baby. Talk about worst nightmare!!! I about died with Tiff told me this. And I'm still about dying inside, because I have to go on a date with him (well, that is if he says yes, that's still iffy. . .I hope you can see why). I surely hope with all of my heart it won't be awkward. Knowing me, though, it will be awkward. I'm just an awkward person that way. 

Needless to say, I'm super excited for November 12. November 10, the anniversary of my existence, came at a great time this year. Let's hope I don't let the nickname I call him slip while I am actually with him. Let's also, hope that this just becomes a fun little high school memory. That would be a nice ending. :)

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  1. Hahahahaha... well, Tiff can be VERY persuasive. :) And that is such a cute way to ask, even if you did borrow the idea from Lou. You'll have a blast!