Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cleaning and A Few Other Things In Between

 I spent almost my entire day cleaning yesterday. Saying that I spent my entire day cleaning would be a lie, because I pretty much procrastinated the entire thing. 
Lauren and my Mom had a priest and laurel activity all day, so it was me and my dad at home.
I was in charge of the cleaning inside the house; 
He would be in charge of the cleaning outside the house. 
As you can tell, the inside of this house was a disaster and needed a thorough cleaning, but that was the last thing I wanted to do, 
so I got out the camera and just kind of. . . . went to town. :) 
As I was cleaning the kitchen, I looked out the window, which is just right above the sink, and saw this little scene:

 Reed is a stud. That's all there is to it. :)

The cleaning did finally get done. 
At 8 o'clock that evening. 
I think the funniest thing about the situation is that my dad knew perfectly well that I was spending my time doing pointless things like looking at blogs instead of cleaning the bathroom. 
But he just kept telling me, "Get it done. Get it done." 
Whereas if it was my mom, I would have been in trouble, and she probably would have done something to make sure that I stayed off the computer. 
It shows the differences between my mom and dad and how they really do balance each other out. 

Oh, and. . . .

 I ate a pork tostada for dinner. Did you know that that's my most favorite place to eat EVER??!!!!! Now you know. 

Have a good sabbath.

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