Saturday, September 24, 2011

FCCLA: Family, Community, Career Leaders of America

On Monday, I journeyed up to Logan with FCCLA for a leadership workshop and a RE:VIVE Fashion show. 
Man, it was super, super fun!!!

We first had to make the journey up there, which is a two hour long ride. 
I definitely planned ahead and charged my DVD player.
My Bus buddy Danielle and I watched this lovely movie called Anne of Green Gables.
I wish I was Anne (with an "E") Shirley. She's so sophisticated. And confident. And lovely.
Also, Goal: I will live in Prince Edward Island during at least one period of my life. (That's nothing new, though)

When we got to the beautiful little city of Logan I was quickly reminded of the last time I was there. I visited the temple, farmer's market, hung out with Phil and Mckell, and ate amazing bread. 
I couldn't wait for the happening of this day in Logan.

So, we got to the campus, walked to the auditorium, waited for awhile, and then was introduced to the national FCCLA representatives who introduced us to the club. We were split into groups and made a poster on one of the specific words of the acronym; ours was "community."

Community means to us: working together to serve; to make it a safe environment, serving on our own to make it a good place, being healthy, helping to keep it beautiful, being united, being green, and encouraging education and learning.
 We then were introduced to the USU FCCLA leaders, who told us about this fashion show later that day. They wanted us to participate. . . (we all looked at each other questioningly). 
We were split into groups again, given a black bag of various materials (i.e. Newspaper, Shamwow, tape, scissors, a piece of a tire, a phone book, a stapler, etc), and were told to make a "look" which would be showcased that night. 
One rule: It had to be removable.

This is what ours looked like:

Of course these are just some of the masterminds behind the fabulous look (if I do say so myself. . .:))

After, Danielle (our wonderful model) took off the "Look" (I love saying that) we were split into groups again (haha, this day is just us in groups) one of the ambassadors took us on a little tour of the USU campus. It was homecoming week, and basically, on every corner there was a tractor. 

The campus of USU is beautiful, though. I really wouldn't mind going to this school when I graduate. In fact, I'm seriously considering it. I could see myself reading on the quad, or walking to Old Main for classes, or even on top of the A being a true Aggie? (maybe that last part. . . I'm only 15, right? :))

After our tour, we went to the TSC building, ate Aggie Ice cream (I saw BYU ice cream in the same exact container. Hmmm. . .), and just kind of hung out. I got to talk to Mckell who was so kind to walk over. It was definitely a good time seeing and talking to her. 
Also, these guys were just break dancing in the middle of the building. It's fine. 
Really it is. It was awesome!

And then begins the fashion show. What was really amazing to me was that all of the looks were made out of totally reused somethings. Most of it was newspaper, but they also had a flower pot, post-it notes, folders, shopping bags, measuring tapes, table cloths, and many other things that I can't even think of.

USU was so fun, and the fashion show was one of the coolest things that I have ever experienced in my life. Really, the fact that they used all recycled things is awesome and shows that we can always do more to help out the planet. So, start recycling!! :)

P.S. sorry that I was parentheses and picture super-happy in this post. :)

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  1. Dear Sid,
    I loved seeing you in Logan. :)
    Also, Anne of Green Gables is pretty much the best ever.
    And admit it, you loved the huge random tractors everywhere. :)
    <3 McKell