Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Oh, Just Stuff

Honestly, I have nothing of real importance to blog about besides the usual school things, but even then, there's nothing that has happened. Honestly. But seeing as I'm in the procrastination attitude and the need to update, I'll tell you about my ultra boring life at this moment in time.

I joined FCCLA!!! I don't actually know what it stands for (right now! I will eventually. :)) The club is just centered around service and helping the community. So far, as in the one meeting I've gone to, I'm enjoying it. :) There is a field trip that is on Monday that I actually get to go on! I was so excited when I was able to go. When I paid, there was only 5 spots left. . . so, on Monday, I will attend that. I will update. :)

I'm joining Book Club on the 23rd. And you know what? I'm super darn excited for this! I need to read waaaaaaay more than I do. Pride and Prejudice has been put down way too many times, and this time I'm determined to get through it.

I took my two tests this week. Math and Chemistry. My two WORST subjects. I was stressed. A little more than a tad. Okay a lot. My voice gets all croaky when I'm stressed and basically, I sounded like a dying frog. It's fine. :) The tests overall went well. I hope! Hope is the keyword there, haha.

I've laughed a lot this week. Really! There is this girl named Hailie who just is the most hilarious person ever. She wears total vintage clothes and her hair in a braid on top of her head. Someday, I'll take a picture of it and share it on here. But my point is that she's funny and makes me laugh in the two classes I have with her: Driver's Ed and English. We've established that we probably won't ever be allowed into the same car when we do Range. . . . She'd pump the passenger brake while I was driving, or tell a funny joke, and I wouldn't be able to stop laughing resulting in me either 1) stepping on the gas pedal and shooting forward or 2) I'd wreck the car. . .  which that kind of goes with the first option. Either way, we would not be a very good pair in the car.

So. . . there's the update on my life. Or at least some of it. I can't think of anything else, so we'll just leave it at that. Have a good day today! Also, have a good day tomorrow!! You know what day it is???


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