Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poor Stubby Things That Need To Kick The Habit

My hands are a very, very poor subject, and sight. I bite my nails, and it is one of the worst habits ever. Trust me. So, I have these short stubby hands with short, stubby, and very unhealthy looking nails; it's just a lose-lose situation. My solution is to paint my nails. I love having painted nails; it makes me feel like I'm elegant and all girly. This is because I paint them a color pink. Usually. This time, I decided to do a color that I actually adore. Teal. It's so edgy. And because of that, I'll want to actually look at my nails, and won't get sick of the color. Maybe the habit will finally be put to rest? I sure hope so. I really hope all the polish on my skin comes off too. Painting with my left hand never turns out well as you can see. :)

Also, did you see the nasty cut on my pointer finger?! Yeah, that little bugger hurts. It just randomly appeared today during 2nd period, became worse during 3rd, and then bled during 4th. Ouchy is right!

Also, again, I'm really liking this song:

It's not because I'm giving up, though, so don't worry. It's nice and slow and relaxing. 
And Ingrid is just amazing. Her voice is so smooth and classy!

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