Monday, September 5, 2011

The Mirror

I bought a mirror. . . almost 6 months (I believe?) ago. 
It's been sitting in my room, being held up by a stack of very large books. 
It looked horrible, and I've been pestering and pestering my dad to put it up. 
And finally, it happened! 
Sorry, Sir Walter Scott, Emily Dickenson, and Great American Literature
your large number of pages just weren't cutting it anymore. 
Back to the shelves with you! :) 
It feels great to have that retched thing up. 
All it needs now is a good spray of Windex.
I always got finger prints on it while I cleaned it since I had to hold it from it's once insecure positioning.
Oh! No longer! I feel as if I were a child on Christmas. :)
Dad, you and your tools are quite the fantastic Santa Clause. 

P.S. My schedule is actually filling up starting tomorrow! My cake decorating class with the below children's mother and grandmother starts! Kimberly and I signed up for that class in June, and finally Hobby Lobby is doing it- can't wait! I even got a nifty new decorating kit. Until next time. . . Loves!

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  1. I liked the books there:) It gave it character..but whatever!! Apparently it was hung!!:)xoxo