Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life On Sunday

We took the Martin children to church with us. Reed is all over the place, and really, really, really enjoys making noise. He's also a little turd and hates sitting and playing with me. . . Good thing Emmy is there. She only likes me because I scratch her back and tickle her neck. And because I do that, that means she's laying on me the whole sacrament meeting.
It's okay, they're cute. :)

I walked around today with a blanket on all day. Not just your normal, everyday fleece blanket; no, a very large, purple comforter blanket.

The switch from the nasty swamp cooler to central air has definitely had it's benefits- like not making our house stink and the Wheat Thins staying un-stale- but seriously, the father wants the house to stay at 60 degrees all day, everyday. I could bet you anything that goosebumps are permanently engraved on my skin. So I walk around my house wearing a blanket.

I watched Tangled with Lauren and my mom. It was the latter's first time seeing it, sad as that sounds. We've decided that Ginny is a dog version of Maximus, and so she has adopted a new nickname.

The Kingdom Dance song is the best one to have a dance party to.
(Ash, you have not had the pleasure. That will be the first thing we will do when you get home, so you might want to make sure you sleep on the plane? That would be good. :))

Pasta for dinner, banana creme pie for dessert, no school tomorrow. What more can a person ask for?! :) Have a good week, please!

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  1. Sid! You are so cute and I love reading your blog! I hope YOU have a great week :)