Saturday, September 10, 2011

Greek Festival

 Today, the family and I ventured up to Salt Lake City to the Greek Festival. It was full of food and dancing. Along with some. . . sight seeing? There was a place where you got a tray, picked out all the yummy Greek food you wanted, and then you sat down at a table and watched the dances. We had from rice and meatballs to seaweed filled with rice and onions and a whole assortment of stuff. We gorged on baklava and scones drenched in cinnamon and honey. All of this done while watching folk dances I had never seen before.

Here's a clip:

And, did you know that there is a very large Greek population in Salt Lake? There is! Well, hence the reason they have this festival. But it's a charity for the Greek Orthodox church there. So, we went through the church, which was super cool! We kept remembering the St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. That church was so magnificent and extravagant, and this one was still amazing, but not so much as St. Patrick's. It was a more homier feel. . .

To end the festivities, we went to this little museum that had pictures of weddings and Greek immigrants and it had musical instruments, and just all sorts of stuff!

The whole thing was an awesome experience! It made me want to watch both Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Also, someday, Lauren and I will visit Greece and hike Mt. Olympus.
Isn't it beautiful?! Oh, the things that life lets you do. . .

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